As The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is a vibrant, multicultural city offering a whirlwind of experiences. From a thriving downtown business district to the quaint cobblestoned streets of the Founding Fathers, Philly has a unique mix of cosmopolitan excitement, historic landmarks and laid back artistic flair. It’s big enough to compete on the world stage but small enough to be manageable and fun.

Everything is here to give you the high level of placement experience and networking you need, along with the learning that comes from exploring the sixth most populous city in the US. The city’s thriving industries in medical and health care, communications, social service provision, transportation, finance and technology provide wonderful opportunities for exciting internship placements.

Philadelphia presents all of the opportunities and challenges of urban American life through its diversity, population density, bustling downtown, legacies of inequity and committed citizens. While large, Philadelphia is relatively compact and walkable, giving you the opportunity to explore different communities and neighborhoods on a daily basis, whether that’s on your commute to work, a class-organized site visit or going out in the evening to see a concert or try a new cuisine.

The city also has a charm and strong sense of identity that reaches out to all visitors: it boasts the nation's largest urban park system as well as thousands of public works of art, a vigorous sports following and an award-winning restaurant and entertainment scene. Whether you like the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers or Flyers, the welcome is real.

As the home to Arcadia University, you are also closely supported by our staff and faculty as you progress through your program and explore this energetic city.